CarWebGuru 2

CarWebGuru 2 was released with many new functions. Main advantages: Themes support, internal widgets, external players control, Several desktops, GPS logger, Customization (widgets, icons, titles, position)  and more

Themes support

Now, CarWebGuru can look as you like. Just choose any theme and use it!


Now you can adjust color, widget and desktops


APP window

By 1 – 2 clicks you can launch any program with new APP window. Now you can use sorting or favorite functions.

GPS logger

This function can record all your travels. And in the future you can view your tracks in calendar window.

Music Player

In CWG you can use internal player by default, but by long click on a Play/Pause button you can choose any other player (Poweramp, Jetaudio, PCRadio…).  And use your favorite player.


Car Logo

Now you can choose logo from list or add you own custom logo.

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