CarWebGuru Launcher

The best android car launcher with themes, widgets, custom backgrounds, music, player control, GPS logger and more tools!

You can install CarWebGuru from Google Play Market of you can download APK file with the latest version:

This version (with marker -F) Contains a new permission MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, which allows you to open access to all files in Android 11 – 14. Therefore, functions such as: File manager, import and export of themes, auto image replacement, icon generator, etc. will work.

Unfortunately, the Play Market did not allow publishing a version with MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission on the market. Therefore, if you have Android 11 – 14, then you can download the version from this site. There is no need to uninstall the previous version. If you have Android 10 or less, then this permission has no effect, you can use the version from the market.

  • Changes in 3.5.2
    • Built-in file manager now available in free version
    • PIN code lock buttons in vertical mode have been moved to the center
    • New fullscreen mode without restarting (options / interface / full screen)
    • Updated translation: Italian
    • Fix: Setup or add widgets on some devices: android car box
    • Improved work with obtaining permissions for new Android (11 – 14)
    • improved detection of connected USB flash drives
    • View the real version of Android in the tools window (if you have not specified the real version)
    • Improvements in Dashboard DX: added visualization and fixed adding system widgets.
    • Bug fixes
  • Changes in 3.5.1
    • New: Files Manager (cwg tools/Files Manager).
    • New widget: link to system storages (cwg widgets/tools/)
    • Support for write\read files in Android 12 and 13 (See options/permissions)
    • Show theme name in tools window
    • Fix: arrow speed (periodic loss of speed)
    • Optimization: add cwg widget process