CarWebGuru Launcher

The best android car launcher with themes, widgets, custom backgrounds, music, player control, GPS logger and more tools!

You can install CarWebGuru from Google Play Market of you can download APK file with the latest version:


  • Changes in 3.4.0 – 3.4.4
    • If there are problems with the theme graphics after the update, then try: Themes list\Theme\Clear theme cache. Then set theme again.
    • Splines – new free theme
    • Improved support for vertical screens (thumbnails, theme view)
    • Added the ability to set trip split times (Settings/Program)
    • Added the ability to add more than 6 windows (Settings / Interface)
    • Added the ability in the Pro version not to switch to the Pro map (Settings / Program)
    • Fixed open 6 premium themes for Pro version
    • Fixed saving licenses after rebooting the device
    • New settings wizard with links to the site, telegrams and QR codes for links (appears after installation or from the Tools window)
    • Updated Google Billing Library to version 5, restore old orders
    • Internal improvements and optimization