The program comes with a large number of built-in widgets: weather, time, speed, player control, brightness modes, counters and timers, shortcuts, etc. Each widget can be installed on the desktop, pre-selecting a theme or grid. If desired, you can add and system widgets, which further expands the functionality of the program.

Separately, you can note the presence of stylish round widgets with arrows, such as: supercar speedometers, clocks, odometer, chronographs … They can also be added to any screen when.

Application window. There are always several useful and useful programs that we use very rarely. To access all installed programs in CWG there is a separate convenient window, with the ability to sort and add to favorites. The program will remember the setting of the view and highlight the applications that you use most often. You can start the program with a simple click, and a long click to remove the program.