Theme – Curve

The Curve theme is an interesting variant of modern flat style adapted for the interior of the car. There are big buttons in the theme, a central multi-widget with several states, a clock, a player control and a few additional areas and buttons, besides this, the theme supports animation – and it will be an excellent addition to your car!

Music Player Control

The player control buttons placed at the bottom of the theme, by default: Play, Pause, Prev, Next, Random, Music Library are available. But if you want, you can add others or replace existing ones. As always, a long click on the Play button allows you to select a third-party player. But not all third-party players support data exchange and other functions (display pictures, random play) not available.

Center multi-widget

In the center is a multi-widget with several states. Clicking on it switches to the next state. So you can choose a speedometer, clock, logo, picture album and much more. Around the multi-widget, you can install up to 10 of your applications and icons.


On the main buttons you can install frequently used programs. You can rename from the TOOLS menu, and set the action to the button – a long click on it. For the titles in two lines, you can use symbol |

This topic is available for download on the market – the link can be found in the CWG – Premium theme window.

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  1. Hey Den, I’ve being using CarWebGuru for quite sometime now… It’s amazing. Congratulations! The only issue for me (and it’s a big issue now) is that my car stereo has a app called A2DP that connects music trough a2dp bluetooth, but this app does not appear on the CarWebGuru list of apps. Do you know any work arround this? Is there any other music player app that does a2dp and can be controlled by CArWebGuru? Thanks a lot.

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