How to change theme in android car head unit

If you are a happy owner of the android radio, you will soon want to change the look of the desktop. Of course, you can change the firmware, change the system resources … But this can lead to breakdown and deny the warranty. There is an easier way to do this.

We suggest installing the program CarWebGuru, which is a launcher, designed specifically for the car head units (android car radio). One of the main functions is to support a large number of themes.

When installing the program, you will be asked to select the main screen theme. Then you can change it or add a new desktop with a different theme.

The program can have several desktops and for each you can install a separate theme. So if you like several themes, then you can use them at the same time. Also, different themes can be used for different purposes – one at night, the other for day. One screen for parking, another for a trip. No restrictions. Set up exactly as it is for you!

You can change the theme from the TOOLS window (swipe down), then the “Change theme” (Set Skin) button.

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