How can I view CWG GPS trips on a computer?

CarWebGuru has a built-in GPS logger called Travel Calendar. It automatically records all movements and conveniently displays the trips on the map for the selected date. If desired, the trip recording can be disabled from the settings.

Trips can now be viewed using a dedicated Windows program. To do this, you need to transfer the trip files from the radio to your computer, download the viewing program and open the necessary file to view the trips.

Where are the GPS trip files on the radio?

The files are located in the root folder of the device /CarWebGuru/history/ the exact location of the folder can be viewed in the application settings/about the program.

In the CarWebGuru 2.XX version, trips are stored as separate files with the * .db extension by year, for example: 2019.db, 2018.db – these files need to be copied and transferred to a computer.

In the CarWebGuru 3.0 version, the trip files are stored differently, which will be written here later, after the release.

The program for Windows allows you to view trips by day, several days, as well as export to KML (Google Earth) format

Download: CarWebGuru GPS Track Viewer (7 mb)

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